The Rockwell Team
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Denny 714-335-2102   |   Denise 714-335-9043

For the past 20 years, Denny has poured his heart into building a top ranked real estate business. Now ranked in the top 1% of Realtors Nationwide.


Being a highly focused individual Denny is extremely dedicated and delivers exceptional service on every level. His knowledge & understanding of the real estate market in Southern California is unparalleled.


Denny provides honesty, with insightful knowledge and expertise as the advice he would give to his own family. His proactive approach and recommendations are always delivered with the utmost consideration.


Denny & his wife Denise are extremely proud of their growing family of four adult children. Denny loves his music and enjoys listening to his extensive collection of vinyl. These days, his favorite past time is his new pellet smoker and patio BBQ. As in his approach to business so is his approach to family. One thing you need to know is stay out of the BBQ grill when he’s home…his tri-tip is almost as good as his sense of business.


You can reach Denny @ 714-335-2102 or @