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Jared is enthusiastic, high energy, passionate and very well versed in economics of residential sales. He understands the leverage, the details of a transaction, the millennial influence, the tools to develop and maintain a high profile and successful business. His background in the electrical industry and retail service allows him to relate to the reason people refer the Rockwell Team. Coming from a background in retail service you can guarantee that anything he does will be to the utmost level of perfection. He follows Denny in his passion and focus for success.


Having him join the Team allows The Rockwell Team to flourish for years to come with the same perfection in detail delivered for the last 18 years.


Jared dedicates his time as an umpire for little league baseball and referees football in the fall. A great human being and a pleasure to be around. He also stays out of the BBQ!


You can reach Jared @ 714-335-1344 or